Michael O'Brien
AFA Certified Farrier

202-841-7098 (cell)

Equine Services, Inc.
14108 Milltown Rd.
Lovettsville, VA 20180


Michael OBrien

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A lifelong horseman, Michael O’Brien studied horseshoeing, anatomy, and blacksmithing with Doug Butler and apprenticed with long-time Maryland farrier, Dave Phillips. 

He believes every horse deserves the best possible foot care, whether going barefoot, shod for performance, or accommodated for therapeutic reasons.  Each horse is an individual and should be cared for with calmness, respect, knowledge and experience.

Every owner has needs too, such as schedules and budgets.  Michael’s commitment is to be punctual, to return phone calls in a timely manner, and to stand behind his work.

As a trainer, Michael has worked with and ridden horses since childhood delivering papers horseback in Fort Worth Texas.  He now specializes in foundation training, starting green horses, and solving problems.

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